Who We Are

Q Studio is a specialty bespoke merchandise group with a strong commitment to perfection.

We aim to provide out of the box solutions on high quality creative merchandise that isn't boring, and provide your priceless community with an unparalleled
phygital experience.

Offering designs and insight with care, Q Studio fulfills the demands of projects while remaining focused on scaling with the ever-growing web3 space.

The crème de la crème.

Our Approach

Q Studio ensures the highest quality standards from apparel (clothing and accessories) to packaging (unboxing experience) and more.

Our company is extremely dedicated to developing and/or enhancing products in a high standard through techniques and materials which most merchandise providers overlook.

We pride in proposing out of the box ideas for products outside of garments such as accessories. art collectibles and more.


With years of experience under our belt, and clothing collections featured in fashion shows with our previous web2 businesses, we supplied to some of the world's most recognized brands, major artists, non-profit organizations, independent streetwear brands, and start-up concepts.

Some notable brands are A Bathing Ape, Baby Milo, Fred Perry, Beams Japan, I.T, Polaroid, Audi, The Lucky Shop and more.

Within Web3 we have worked with notable projects such as Cets, Dead King Society, The Heist, Smyths, Meegos, Metame, Majin, Fidelion, The Bastards, Phygitals, Brozo, Divvy, Pixelmon, Azuki852, Anichess and more.

Why Us

Working with us allows you to save you the headache on brainstorming and conceptualising products to a high calibre.
We're able to maintain stringent quality consistency, which expands all the way to product photography and promotional videos - we take it all off your shoulders and handle that.

This provides flexibility for you to focus on community building, marketing and the project, the important aspect in building a successful brand that lasts.

  • With our background in wristwatches and fashion, we
    are able to tackle most of the demands when it comes
    to watches and garments. The mechanisms, materials,
    threading, fitting, designs and finishing can all be customised to your liking.

    Designs can be screen print, puff
    print, embroidery, glow in the dark, velvet print and more.

    Web3 integration* can be implemented. Garments can be made with various fittings. Fabrics and materials are handpicked and sourced. Packaging ideas are

    If it isn't on the list, let us know. We got you.

  • Tees (Boxy / Regular / Slim)
    Polo Shirts
    (Boxy / Regular / Slim)
    (Zipped / Raglan / Pullover)
    (Zipped / Pullover)
    (Cotton / Mesh / Polyester)
    (Relaxed / Slim)
    (Baseball / Snapback / 5 Panel)
    Bucket Hats
    (Cotton / Nylon / Wool)
    (Cotton / Acrylic / Wool)
    (Aluminium / Plastic)
    Figurines Plushies
    Speakers Stickers Totebags
    Watches Candles Storage Boxes
    Necklaces Bracelets Sunglasses
    & more

The Process

I Design Phase (Design Team works with you to curate the product)
1-2 weeks

II Sampling Phase (We take the product and create a sample)
1-2 weeks

III Design Phase II (Troubleshooting and confirmation of product)
1-2 weeks*

IV Production (Mass production of the products)
4-8 weeks

V Order Fulfilment / Delivery (Orders placed to be delivered directly to customers)

*Depends on whether you need adjustments or alterations base on the sample

Web3 Integration

A handful of NFT blue-chip projects such as RTFKT, Azuki and Anybodies have integrated NFC / PBT (Physically Backed Token) chips onto their merchandise. This experience alone made their merchandise stand out and immersed their community into the digital world whilst boosting their identity. As an NFT holder you would want ways to be unique, to have an experience, to show off your NFT and to stand out.

We can bring that to the table.