All In Time X Q Studio

"I spent almost a decade doing graphic design in brand management as well as freelance. This capsule was an opportunity to express myself freely. I have a lot of tastes and some don't always fit neatly in line with the others.
I was given this opportunity by Q Studio and chose to extend into several aspects of myself. Humor, Xican background, design styles and meta commentary on the Crypto space."

Scum is an illustrator and graphic designer from the border region of the Southwestern United States. He pulls inspiration from Xicano culture, ancient pre-Columbian Mexico and his experiences as an addict and psychedelic medicine user to weave a through line that is distinctly his own. From luchadors, interdimensional beings and gods, to landscape and storylines.

Scum is hard to fit in a box, but you'll know when you're a visitor in his world. Scum strives to use his art and platform to do good, focusing on preservation of Axolotls (Endemic to Mexico city), uplifting other artists and making aspects of Mexican culture more accepted and celebrated.

"Q and Brandon are passionate and grounded. It's been a goal to work with them for AIT since they first started sharing their work history.
All In Time (AIT) is a brand I have that allows me to do more graphic design and experiment with design ideas. It's my playground to blur the lines that separate web2 from web3. It represents a reminder to be patient, but never stop growing. It’s the idea that we make our own opportunities to do more."

- Scum